The Gate of Truth Spirits Collision

Only the light coming from the gate of truth would heal the crying mother earth, the gate was closed by the spirit of greed, a demon born from the corruption of humanity, he closed the gate and guarded it, preventing that someone would open it again .... And so, mother nature gave birth to a warrior capable of facing the demon, invoking the cosmic serpent who had carved the gate of truth and who had the wisdom of ancient times, the twin serpent called upon all the DNA from spirits who knew the path of love, the vibration of life gave birth to a new human, a conscious one and so the battle itself was the healing process between these two forces, forces meant to learn from each other, learn that both of them came from the gate, learn from the illusion that made them thought of see with clarity and realize that the whole time they were the same ... beings of light... 

Please enjoy this meditative/contemplative artwork

USD $226.80