A long way to go...a long path to travel...getting lost in the blizzard, the traveler can't see more reflections than him self. The path open to the gate he was looking to all this time, the gate to himself...long periods of darkness in humanity...long periods of blizzard, but the fire, the transformation spirit has always been there, guiding the path , the transformation has began, the time for the structures to fall and to find again the balance within so the external world can be balance again...the traveler has carried the weight of big scrolls, lots of knowledge, of identities, of egos, that he must let go... to enter the gate of his superior being.
Cover Art

Christian benavides pilgrimage f

Final Art

Christian benavides pilgrimage greyscale

Grey Scale

Christian benavides pilgrimage line art flat

Line Art

Christian benavides pilgrimage flat color

Flat Color

Christian benavides close up 1

Close Up 1

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Close Up 2